Global expansion | Financial markets homework help

Prepare a presentation (7-10 slides) that could be delivered to C-suite members in less than 5 minutes in which you describe a strategy to market products in a potential emerging market country. Include the following in your presentation:
· An identification of and rationale for both the product to be marketed and the potential emerging market country.
· A research-supported explanation of how the U.S. company will promote the product to consumers in the emerging market country.
· A research-supported explanation of how customers in the emerging market country will likely acquire the product. Is the emerging market country familiar with technology? How will this influence purchase decisions and behavior?
· A research-supported discussion of how the U.S. company will address branding decisions. Will the U.S. company present the brand as it does in the United States, or will the U.S. company change the branding for the emerging market country?
· A research-supported plan for the U.S. company to test the effectiveness of its entrance strategy after the expansion.

Transportation – discussion 12 | Operations Management homework help

 Consider ways in which current or future technologies could be applied to a transport function to improve customer service and lower costs. For example, the use of apps, proactive seamless communication, integrated vehicle systems, robotics, artificial intelligence, etc. For each technology describe what its attributes are and how they will achieve service or cost advantages.
Support your discussion with 3 researched articles from the academic or trade press. Minimum of 500 words.
Due date: 15 Nov 2022

Management infoirmation system chapter 5 and 6

What are the advantages of developing a website using a tool such as Artisteer or Joomla? Are there any disadvantages. Explain?
Linux is a free and stable operating system, which is a great advantage. What are the disadvantages of adopting it?
Give three reasons why Linux has become a popular server operating system.
Define Software Piracy. How if affect the software industry. Mention several forms of Software piracy. What is function of BSA and SIIA.
Define a ready-made software. What are the main elements to consider when purchasing ready-made software for an organization?
What is multimedia? What are the different media in multimedia?
Give five examples of how this technology can be used in training, customer service, and education.
What is VoIP? If you were a business owner, what factors would you consider to be important in order to switch to VoIP for your phone system?
What risks to organizations does the growing use of networks pose?
Explain the most important types of networks. (LANs, MANs, WANs, and PANs)
What are the technical advantages of optical fibers over other communications media?
Would an astronomy observatory 20 miles away from a city or town likely be able to get DSL service? Why?
What is BPL? Why is the technology potentially available to almost every home?

Substance related and addictive disorders

 250 words
Use the Capella University Library to complete the following:

Read the following section of the DSM-5-TR to develop insight on substance related and addictive disorders.

There are many categories of substance related and addictive disorders within the DSM-5-TR. Each substance or addictive behavior is addressed as a separate use disorder and diagnosed using specific criteria. There are also multiple interventions for each of these disorders that have been developed as best practices.
For this discussion:

Identify a disorder from the DSM-5-TR under the substance related or addictive disorder category.
Provide a summary of the diagnostic measures for the disorder you identified.
Research interventions that have been developed as best practices for this disorder and provide a summary of your identified intervention, in addition to why you believe this is an appropriate or effective treatment option (these can include assessment tools, therapeutic techniques, or forms of treatment). Provide your APA formatted reference within your post.

Employment law unit iii case study,

Unit III Case Study
Unit III Case Study
Using reliable Internet sources and/or the CSU Online Library, search for and locate a recent court case or lawsuit related to sexual harassment in the workplace. Then, conduct a case study in which you analyze the case, presenting an argument and applicable evidence about your selected court case or lawsuit. Consider the concepts learned in this course as you analyze the case and present your analysis.Include the following in your paper:

a brief description of the conduct that precipitated the selected court case or lawsuit and how Title VII protects against this conduct;
an analysis of the use of the complaint procedure and the employer’s response to any complaints;
a discussion of preventive steps that could have been used to prevent the harassment from occurring; and
a summary of the costs to the employer, financial and otherwise, stemming from the lawsuit and the underlying conduct.

Your paper should be a minimum of two pages, not including the title and reference pages. You are required to use a minimum of three sources, one of which may be your textbook as reference material for your case study. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.This  Case Study Example provided by the CSU Writing Center shows this type of formatting.

Evidenced-based on nclex blueprint- apa format

chosen topic: Pharmacological & Parental Therapies
Please review the attachment for the instructions/rubric below and follow the entirely!
 ***a 4-6 page (not including the title page or reference page) using APA format***
 a. Introduction- 
· Offer a detailed description of the purpose statement.
· Identify the priority concept (topic) from the Individual Student Comprehensive Assessment Trends: Longitudinal Performance Table drawn from one (1) of the four (4) main categories of the NCLEX-RN examination blueprint:
§ Assurance of a safe and effective care environment
§ Health promotion and maintenance of health
§ Preservation of the patient population’s psychosocial integrity
§ Preservation of the patient population’s physiological integrity
· Provide a detailed description of the relationship between the category from the NCLEX-RN examination blueprint and the priority concept (topic).
b. Importance –
· Describe the importance of the priority concept (topic) to professional practice.
· Describe the importance of the priority concept (topic) to the health status of a patient population. 
· Include the potential negative effect(s) to professional practice if the priority concept (topic) is unresolved. 
· Include the potential negative effect(s) to the patient population if the priority concept (topic) is unresolved. 
c. Healthcare Disparities, Inequalities, and Interventions- 
• Identify patient populations that may be negatively influenced by the priority concept (topic) if unresolved.
• Identify healthcare resources to support evidence-based professional practice related to the priority concept (topic).
• Summarize potential priority concept (topic) healthcare disparities and inequalities related to diverse populations.
• Propose an evidence-based solution for the priority concept (topic) related to healthcare disparities.
• Identify three (3) evidence-based practice interventions. 
• Prioritize the identified evidence-based practice interventions and provide rationale.
• Discuss two (2) patient education considerations related to the priority concept (topic). 
d. Legal & Ethical Considerations and Intervention Challenges- 
• Identify at least one (1) ethical and one (1) legal implication for addressing the priority concept (topic) in professional practice.
• Discuss at least one (1) strategy in prevention of an ethical dilemma related to the priority concept (topic) in professional practice. 
• Discuss at least one (1) strategy in prevention of legal consequences related to the priority concept (topic) in professional practice. 
• Identify one (1) anticipated challenge to the success of preventing the priority concept (topic) in professional practice.
• Identify one (1) anticipated challenge to the success of resolving the priority concept (topic) in professional practice.
e. Participants and Interdisciplinary Approach – 
• Identify all the parties who will be involved in the implementation of the priority concept (topic) interventions.
• Discuss the role of each member in the intervention implementation for the priority concept (topic).
• Identify a minimum of two (2) members of a discipline outside of nursing.
• Discuss the benefit of including the identified interdisciplinary members from disciplines outside nursing to promote evidence-based professional practice.
f. Quality Improvement– 
• Provide at least one (1) benefit in patient outcomes from addressing the priority concept (topic) within the clinical environment.
• Provide at least one (1) benefit to the nursing profession that will result from addressing this priority concept (topic) in clinical professional practice.
• Discuss at least one (1) resource utilized to promote improved patient outcomes in the clinical environment.
• Discuss at least one (1) resource utilized to increase professional nurse knowledge promoting improved clinical professional practice.
g. Conclusion – 
• Provide a thorough recap of the purpose to promote increased evidence-based professional practice knowledge related to the priority concept (topic) deficiency.
• Summarize resources identified to support improved evidence-based professional practice related to the priority concept (topic). 
• Include a complete statement describing why addressing the priority concept (topic) matters for patient outcomes and evidence-based professional practice.

Mini systematic literature review and thesis statement

This week, you will write a mini-scientific literature review. It is mini because you will only be reviewing two sources. 
For this literature review assignment, we are going to choice the following topic

HIV/AIDS – Treatment mechanisms and prevention strategies

REMEMBER, in a scientific review, focus your analysis on author’s hypothesis (thesis), scientific method used in the research, and the results of the study presented. In a scientific literature review, the reviewer (you) identifies what he/she perceives as the strengths and weaknesses of the study, and analyzes the author’s findings and conclusions.   
For this review, BE SURE TO:

1-Select two relevant and appropriate scholarly articles that address the topic you chose.
2-Present a thorough literature review of both articles by summarizing, synthesizing, and evaluating the materials.
3-Demonstrate understanding of the content presented in the articles.
4-Include a critical assessment of the sources. Do not simply include a summary of what you have read.
5-Incorporate citations into your body paragraphs; incorporate the essential and most relevant supporting evidence eloquently and appropriately.
6-Present your writing in a clear, organized manner.
7-Provide a strong INTRODUCTION and CONCLUSION, including further questions for research.
Use proper APA format with proper citations. Review APA Citations Here(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Your literature review should be 3 pages in length. Remember, you will need to use APA formatting in your literature review and include a title page and a reference page no older than 5 years ago. The title and reference pages to not count toward total page count
Identify a TOPIC related to health care and leadership. Make sure that your leadership in healthcare topic is neither too broad nor too narrow.
Consider some of the following general areas:
Leadership in:

Change management in health care
Technology in health care
Finance of health care
Conflict management in health care
Evidence-based protocols
Gender equality in the workplace
Health sector reform
Embedded safeguards to reduce injury and infection

Please note the above general areas must have a narrower focus in order to work well for the FUTURE research paper. The list above is not exhaustive, but merely suggestions.
Identify a research area and then develop a thesis statement for your research paper. Ensure your topic is presented in descriptive detail and a clear plan for the research paper is identified. Submit a 2-pages, double-spaced paper identifying YOUR TOPIC DESCRIPTIVE DETAIL, including a CLEAR PLAN for your research and a thesis statement.
If you need help creating a thesis statement, view the attached document:

DUE DATE 11/5/2022

Drug related crime | Criminal homework help

1) Critical Thinking Exercise: How serious do you feel the drug problem is nationally? Statewide? Locally?  (This is where you should find literature and cite your work with reliable sources)
2) Critical Thinking Exercise: Would legalizing drugs be a feasible solution to the problem?
3) Critical Thinking Exercise: What do you think law enforcement can do to reduce drug use and drug-related crimes?

How to hire affordable atlanta web design services

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Article Source

Annotated bibliography (journal analysis) | BA 614 Human Resource Management | Campbellsville University

Any topic from Human Resource Management
You should research two peer-reviewed articles. You are to complete two annotated bibliographies. Your AB’s should be a minimum of ¾ page long not including the bibliography. Your submission should be double-spaced, and you should use Times New Roman 12 font.
For your AB, you must have:
Your name, date, course, and AB number at the top (see example)
APA Reference before the information (see example)
Annotated bibliographies must be written so that they are understandable. Describe all-important data such as:
The participants
The reason the study was conducted
What research design was used (surveys, interviews, case study, )
Which research analysis was used (MANOVA, ANOVA, Kruskal Wallace, etc)
The results of the study along with any conclusions of the author(s)
Your study must include all of these (if applicable). Your AB MAY NOT be copied and pasted directly from the source. There MUST NOT be any form of plagiarism in your annotated bibliography (or any other assignment). You are required to write this assignment in your own words.
Annotated Bibliography Example-
Course Objective
APA REFERENCE Example: Craig, W. (2015). From Family To Franchising: Five Ways To Start Your Business Empire.Forbes.
(Note that the bibliographic information is bolded. Be sure to do the same for your assignments.)
According to this article, there are more than half a million new businesses started across the country every single month (Craig, 2015). There are many ways to become a business owner in the world today and there are many risks involved with each of those avenues as well. When starting a business from scratch the most important aspect is having a product that people actually want. According to this article, nine out of ten startup companies fail and 42% of polled startup owners claimed their business failed due to a lack of need for their product (Craig, 2015). A business can also be acquired by inheritance or by taking over a family business. Craig (2015) also found, only about 10% of family-owned businesses will survive long enough to see the third generation take over. The reason for this is the perception by younger generations that the family business will always be available as a backup option if other ventures don’t work out. Buying an existing business is also an option for those who have keen insight into the opportunity. Becoming a franchise owner is another way to become a business owner. This step also takes determination and focus but can be very rewarding. There is stability that comes with taking over a location that has an established corporate presence already backing it up with corporate sponsors that are ready and willing to help get you started on the right track.